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Lina Viviano is the founder of Gotham Walking Tours (www.walkingnyctours.com), a small, private walking tour company, and the author of this blog, Walking Gotham.

Lina is a licensed New York City tour guide who has worked - and walked - with public and private corporations; educational institutions; philanthropic organizations; film, television, print, and photographic media; real estate companies; and all sorts of wonderful people - whether a "group of one" or a group of fifty - that consist of family, friends, children, business colleagues, all types of reunions and, on several occasions, the family dog.

Everyone is welcome.

Approximately one-third of Lina's clients are natives or residents of New York City who want to learn even more about the history, culture, architecture, politics, and culinary traditions of the City.  For those of us who are fortunate enough to live here, there's always a wealth of new information that we have yet to discover (or rediscover) about the City's multi-faceted neighborhoods.  The City is a living, breathing, organism - always changing, always fascinating.

Lina's tours cover a bevy of vibrant, extraordinary neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn - she has designed many historical walking tour itineraries, and also customizes tours, so that they fit the interests of her clients.  Lina treks Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island too, but there are, unfortunately, just so many hours in the day to walk the five boroughs.

Lina personally leads all of her walking tours; it's a proverbial "one-woman show."  Virtually all of her tours are walking tours that focus on the history, culture, architecture, politics and culinary traditions of New York City.

Her "philosophy" is a simple one.  Lina believes that the best way to get to know any city is to walk it . . . to touch it . . . and, yes, to taste it!  Lina is Italian and Jewish - a self-professed "foodie" - whose background is rooted in those two wonderful culinary traditions.  It doesn't get any better than that; it's a "genetic" thing.  Invariably, Lina and her clients end up "noshing" along the way - Chinese, Italian, Jewish, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, Chelsea Market, Mario Batali's Eataly - you name it.

If you want to walk - and eat - you got it.  If you're not hungry - that's cool too.

One of her goals is never to become a "talking head."  Promise.  Her tours are interactive and are not "cast in stone."  Want to wander?  Absolutely!  It's all about seeing and experiencing New York City "like a native." 

Lina holds advanced degrees in American Politics and in Law from Harvard University and New York University School of Law.  She has received a "star" of distinction from the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs for achieving an outstanding score on the Department's Professional Licensing Examination.

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Lina is a native New Yorker; the City is, as they say, "in her blood."  Her professional endeavors have included teaching American politics and history as a Fellow at Harvard University, working with state and federal legislative bodies in New York and in Washington, D.C., and practicing law in a large international law firm (in a former life). 

Her passion, for the last twenty or more years, has been reading, researching and writing about what she loves best – the "Big Apple."  

Lina has called Tribeca, the West Village, the Flatiron District, Brooklyn Heights, and DUMBO "home" over the years.      

Lina leads all tours on behalf of Gotham Walking Tours.  Why delegate a job you really enjoy? 

Lina would be delighted to hear from and/or walk with you!

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